designer Laura Dailidėnienė collection ”SEPIA” 2012-13 f/w Daili origami foto: Reda Mickevičiūtė,  model:  Nida (

DESIGNER: brand ‚Daili‘ (Laura Dailidėnienė)

Laura Dailidėnienė designs jewelry, bags, costumes and shoes, and represents her brand DAILI. She is an active participant of various fashion events since 1998 and has a design studio in Vilnius.


A very important feature of the design of Laura Dailidėnienė is a clear and purified concept conveyed by her jewelry and costumes. Laura embraces the direction that is more challenging to perceive by the public at large, and in her design process she employs not only commercially marketable fashion elements.

Laura‘s inspiration comes from nature. Her style is minimal. Her clothes – sculptural, designed from light, easy draping materials, such as silk. Laura uses floral motives in her accessories and “frozen flowers“ in glass-silver jewelry.

Her latest jewelry collection SEPIA was created for 2012 clothes collection demonstrated at the International Fashion festival Fashion Infection (Mados Infekcija) in Vilnius. For this jewelry collection Laura applies Tiffany technology and uses luxurious mirror-glass in a form of origami.